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Meet The Team Jonathan Greener (1)
Please introduce yourself

Hello there, I’m Jonathan Greener. I’m the senior geotechnical estimator here at Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

Tell me a little about your roles and responsibilities.

My role is to assess all incoming tenders that cover the geotechnical side of things. Primarily soil nails, ground anchors, mini piling – the like. We also look at retaining solutions – gabion and crib lock walls. I take them in, have a review, see if it is something that is within out specialities and suits our way of working and our plant. If it is we put a price together, start engaging with our client and begin discussing the solution with them.

What are your goals at Aarsleff Ground Engineering?

I would like to help build up the business into a serious player within the geotechnical market in the UK and to provide our clients with outstanding solutions – saving them some money while doing exciting geotechnical work.

What is a typical work day for you?

There is no typical workday in engineering as you will know! But a lot of days I will be in the office by 8 o clock, finish off any pricing that I’m working on, see what new jobs have come in and if any of them suit us and then I’ll start talking to our clients. It can be that or I can be out on site and see what’s going on there.

What has been your favourite project to work on and why?

I’ll have to go back in my history a little bit for this. There are definitely a few that come to mind. One was the American embassy down in London where I was involved in base grouting the piles, which were put in by Bauer. Incidentally, my client on that job was Kevin Hague, when he was working for Bauer. Obviously, it was a big prestigious job and there’s nothing like walking through a guard of US marines when you go to work in the morning to know that you’re doing something interesting.

Tell me about a project that proved challenging but was ultimately successful

A380 road extension down near King Cur’s Well. It was a huge soil nailing job we had to do on the side of a road and typically for the South West it rained all day every day, and trying to maintain slope stability when this is happening is pretty challenging so that turned in to a bit of a muddy nightmare. But we sorted it in the end.

What got you interested in engineering?

I came quite late to the engineering world. I started out life working in the banking industry following my first stint at university. After realising that I was selling my soul to the devil I decided to go back to university. I wanted to build something! So, I went and studied civil engineering up in Newcastle and graduated when I was about 26.

What is your favourite machine/rig and why?

Most of us are in this because we like big plants and diggers – that’s why you take a job in engineering. I suppose I’ve spent most of my time working with drill rigs, really. I’d say my favourite one of those is actually one that I first met here at Aarsleff. We’ve got two Boart rigs that have been handed over by our Danish parents which are outstanding anchor installation machines. So, yeah, I going to list that as my current favourite rig but that can change on a week to week basis so we’ll see how it goes.

What is your favourite discipline and why?

Ground Anchors has always been my favourite discipline within the geotechnical environment because they are tricky. They also usually put them in quite nice places. Side of a canal, costal engineering – you know, places that are nice to visit. And they are difficult. There are not too many companies in this market undertaking this work, and here at Aarsleff, we are in an excellent position to offer clients Ground Anchor solutions.

If you’re not working where can you usually be found?

I’ll live up in the North East of England in a place called Tynemouth which is right by the seaside and I couldn’t live anywhere that isn’t beside the sea. Nowadays I’ll probably be found with my two young sons down at the seaside and that’s come rain or shine. Those boys will learn to surf one day but at 0 and 3 they’re a bit young for the north sea yet.

Aarsleff is involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering, Maths) What advice would you give to a young person considering an apprenticeship/career within STEM?

Stick with your maths, learn your numbers, do your sums – there is a beauty in maths that you don’t find anywhere else. Look at Euler’s identity equation on Wikipedia. I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks Jonathan

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