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Driving Great Results

In this podcast, Kevin Hague speaks with Luke Sheppard, Entrepreneur and Innovative Business Consultant, on: “Mastering The Tools You Need to Engineer and Run a Great Business”. In this episode, Luke shares insights into his new book ‘Driving Great Results’ which provides entrepreneurs and managers with nineteen practical and proven tools to build, launch, and manage a successful business.


You’ll Learn:

  • How business owners and leaders can stop second-guessing, and make better, quicker, and more informed decisions
  • Tips to hire the right people, supercharge their engagement, and limit employee turnover
  • Strategies to fix the time-sucking and dysfunctional aspects of a business so business leaders can spend more time with their families
  • An analytical approach to deciding where to best invest hard-earned money to grow a business
  • Three steps to better prioritize tasks, projects, and goals
  • Why managing your own behavior is the first step in influencing others


About Luke:

He is the Principal of Sheppard & Company, a firm he founded on the premise of helping others to apply the proven business principles he’s honed over his 20-year career. Luke has spent most of his career with John Deere, a heavy equipment manufacturer, in engineering, operations, general management, and executive leadership roles. Luke’s unique ability to focus on what’s really important by filtering out noise, simplifying and solving problems, and driving better results with your people in less time with practical tools and solutions are what differentiates him from the average consultant.

Luke’s extensive business experience is backed by a solid education in Canada and the United States. He holds an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Algonquin College (Ottawa, ON), a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, an M.Sc. in Systems Engineering from Iowa State University, and an Executive MBA from the University of Iowa.



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Review copies of Driving Great Results are available upon request

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