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Bored Piles

Bored Piling is especially suited to boring through hard strata, as they are often larger in diameter than a continuous flight augur (CFA) piling method and can penetrate through difficult ground obstructions. Bored Piles are more compact than other conventional methods, allowing work to be delivered within confined sites.

The rotary bored piling technique is performed by drilling through a temporary casing to the designed depth, using an auger, eliminating any spoils. The casing supports the pile through to ground until the required depth is achieved, the auger is then removed, and the concrete is poured in situ. The term replacement pile is often used as opposed to displacement piles where soil is forced away by driving the pile in place.

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CFA Piles

Specialist Piling contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering has the capability to offer its clients Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles for projects that require minimal vibration and noise piling methods. Utilising the latest machinery and pile technology, Aarsleff’s design capabilities create bespoke solutions that add value to your project.

This method of piling involves drilling a contiguous flight auger into the ground. The auger holds the soil surrounding the hole, eliminating the need for temporary casings and support fluids. Once the desired depth has been met, the concrete mix is pumped through the hallow stem whilst it is being retracting out the ground.

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Contiguous Pile Walls

Contiguous pile walls are constructed with nominal gaps between adjacent piles and are mainly installed using suitable piling techniques. Ideal in crowded urban areas, where alternative retaining methods would not be applicable and where development space is limited. The gap between each pile is typically 150mm and can be constructed to provide load bearing capacity. They are ideal when groundwater ingress is not an issue for the finished wall. Aarsleff Ground Engineering are a specialist contiguous pile wall contractor.

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Drilling Services

Aarsleff has the specialist plant and labour to carry out all types of drilling and grouting works from the filling of redundant coal mines and soil mixing to stabilisation of soil and compaction grouting.

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Driven Precast Concrete Piling

Driven precast piling is the technique Aarsleff Ground Engineering are known for, having worked as a piling contractor for over 30 years in the UK, and yet it’s still a common question we face from those outside of our industry, every single day.

Piling is not a new technique, in fact its ancient! It has origins in the 5th century BC (Google The History of Herodotus), and has since been used in the foundations for everything, from residential houses to huge industrial warehouses and off-shore wind farms.

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Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors are versatile devices used to hold, restrain, and support buildings and other structures, either permanently or temporarily. Ground anchors can carry very high loads to hold down/ up/ back structures/slopes. They can be utilised as either a permanent or temporary component to any construction or civil engineering project.

The primary purpose of geotechnical ground anchors is to prevent horizontal movement while stabilising retaining structures, including sheet piles, bored concrete piles and steel tubular walls.

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Compaction grouting is a ground improvement method which is used to increase the density of the soil. This method of grouting is usually used to rehabilitate settlement of sensitive structures.

Compaction grouting is carried out by injecting stiff mortar-like grout under pressure through cased boreholes to form bulbs, which pushes the surrounding soil to the side and increasing its density. This grouting method is used for treating a wide variety of loose soils, with relatively good drainage, and is performed at depths ranging from 2m, right down to several tens of meters.

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H-Section Piles

Installed by choice piling contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering, H-Section Piles are used extensively for deep foundation applications to add stiffness and support to sheet pile walls, King Post Walls and foundations.

H-Piles are steel beams that are driven into the earth by pile driving equipment. The tough and durable cross sections provide excellent driving characteristics when driving in difficult soil and rock conditions. Steel H-Piles are structural square beams that are available in a wide variety of sizes and can also be used for marine structure applications.

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King Post Walls

Aarsleff Ground Engineering are an experienced king post wall contractor, designing and delivering operational excellence as a retaining wall contractor.

King Posts are isolated steel columns that are installed along the line of the proposed retaining wall typically at centres between 1 and 3m. The space between the posts is filled, over the retained height, using a variety of different solutions but most commonly a precast concrete panel.

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Mini Piles

Mini Piles enable home developers to create extensions to homes in tight spaces that would have otherwise been out of bounds. You can now secure projects and extend your residential developments over lands that would have otherwise been problematic.

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Rigid Inclusions (RI)

Aarsleff Ground Engineering are a rigid inclusions contractor, specialising in the design and delivery of operational excellence across a wide range of ground engineering and improvement techniques. Our in-house design capabilities guarantee a bespoke solution, focused in on value-engineering. Using our fleet of specialised rigs, Aarsleff are able to install rigid inclusions for a wide range of projects including commercial shed structures.

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Secant Pile Walls

Aarsleff Ground Engineering are a choice Secant Pile Wall contractor, designing and delivering operational excellence to create value-engineered solutions bespoke to your site.

Secant Pile Walls are formed by constructing intersecting reinforced concrete piles. The secant piles are reinforced with either steel rebar or with steel beams and are constructed by augering. Primary piles are installed first with secondary piles constructed in between primary piles once the latter gain sufficient strength. Pile overlap is typically in the order of 8 cm.  They are constructed when resistance to groundwater is required using the CFA technique or the cased CFA technology.

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Sheet Piling

Aarsleff Ground Engineering are an experienced sheet piling contractor, creating value for our clients through operational excellence.

Permanent retaining walls utilising sheet piles are used on schemes large and small, from simple projects to complex slope stabilisation solutions. They offer cost-effective alternatives to contiguous and secant piled walls. They may be designed to both retain temporary excavations and to act as the permanent retaining structure, often in conjunction with the base slab which offers propping to the wall. Sheet pile walls are commonly used in service yards of commercial and retail sector developments, flood defence schemes, bridge abutments and boundary walls. Sheet piling has distinct advantages over concrete contiguous and secant walls. Besides being more cost-effective, they require no curing time before excavations can commence, thus allowing shorter programmes.

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Slurry Walls

Aarsleff Ground Engineering offer Slurry cut-off walls to prevent migration of groundwater, or polluted and contaminated materials present in the ground. Aarsleff has the specialist plant and labour to fulfil complex solutions complemented by years of expertise and experience designing and installing Slurry walls, also known as a cut-off slurry wall.

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Soil Nailing

Soil nailing contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering design and install several types of retaining structures. Soil Nailing is a technique which is used for retaining walls and other projects, as a way of reinforcing the soil. It can be used as a solution for both permanent and temporary retaining walls. As part of this technique, the slope or wall which is required to be stabilised first needs to be predrilled. Long steel rods are then put in place and grouted in firmly to hold the soil in place. If the soil contains corrosive elements, then the steel rods need to be coated in anti-corrosives to protect them. To give the soil optimum stability, a covering later fixes the rods in place.

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Steel Bearing Piles

Got high capacity requirements? Steel bearing piles may be the solution for you. Most commonly employed in civil engineering structures such as for road bridges and marine structures, the high axial, lateral and tensile load capacities of steel bearing piles make a choice solution. Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s expertise as a piling contractor across the UK mean that our steel bearing piles provide a proven and tested pile, eliminating guesswork to produce a cost effective product that can accommodate a wide variety of subsurface conditions.

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Timber Piles

Prefabricated piles, thanks to the transfer of vertical, horizontal and bending loads, are used to make foundations for all types of constructions, practically in all soil conditions. The proximity of other buildings does not exclude the possibility of their use. The oldest, currently rarely used, type of piles of prefabricated piles are timber piles. These piles are usually plunged with the method of hammering, they are less often vibrated. Prefabricated timber is pressure protected and the type of protection is selected for a specific type of soil. The most important advantages of timber piles include low material cost and durability (there are buildings built on such piles that have been successfully used for over 100 years). What is very important from the point of view of contractors and contracting parties, prefabricated wooden piles are easy to transport, and in addition can be cut with a simple chainsaw.

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