Our Team

Knowledge and experience are at the core of Aarsleffs capabilities. Its people are some of the most experienced in the piling sector. The company invests extensively to ensure they remain at the forefront of best piling practice in such a specialist field of expertise, our vastly experienced team excel  from initial Geotechnical consideration through to on site installation. This wealth of experience is what defines Aarsleffs level of service and the quality of Geotechnical solutions on offer.

Chris Primett, is our Managing Director. Chris has 34 years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge in contract, commercial and business management. Chris continually drives Aarsleffs growth strategy whilst maintaining consistent company profitability and ensuring a culture is created that encourages the next generation of leaders.

Chris Primett

Kevin Hague is our General Manager. Kevin has gained a wealth of small and large scale industry knowledge which has helped Aarsleff open new market sectors and grow into diverse business opportunities. Kevin’s experience lies heavily in Ground Engineering and Heavy Duty Foundations where he has been responsible for business divisions and a number of large-scale high profile projects.

Kevin Hague

Robert Speakman is our STEQ Manager. Covering every aspect of our operations, advising on best practice and legislative compliance to ensure all our activities from the office / factory gates to site are carried out to the highest standards. Robert has over 10 year experience within the Ground Engineering sector and previously worked in the coal mining industry.

Robert Speakman

Kevin Doyle is our HEAD of PRECONSTRUCTION, with over 16 years of industry experience. Kevin has gained knowledge of a vast array of specialist techniques and works tirelessly in bringing our Marketing, Estimating and Business Development teams together to service our clients with unequalled levels of service.

Kevin Doyle

Jody Parkin is our piling manager who oversees the operations of Aarsleff’s piling department. Jody has worked on several major Crossrail contracts, including Royal Oak Portal, Farringdon WTH and Bond Street. More recently, Jody has been responsible for the foundation solution to the target building of European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden.

Jody Parkin

Chris Pantling is Aarsleff's Operations Manager for Sheet Piling. Chris ensures the successful and safe delivery of sheet piling projects across the UK. Having worked for over 10 years previously with a major leading international infrastructure group, Chris brings with him a wealth of transferable knowledge and skillset in the sheet piling sector.

Chris Pantling

Dave Evans is the manager of our geotechnical division. Dave’s main aims are to continue to grow and develop the department and to ensure that a happy and productive team produce good results. Dave oversees the day to day running of specific contracts and on average, works on 4 live jobs per week.

Dave Evans

David Watkins is our Operations Manager within Aarsleff’s Ground Beam Division. David has worked for a number of large construction companies and joins Aarsleff with a background in high profile and high value projects. David is also currently studying towards his degree in Business Management and looks forward to enhancing his personal and professional career development through continuous learning and delivery of contracts at Aarsleff.

David Watkins

Heather Jones is our Business and HR Manager who has been with Aarsleff for over 19 years. During that period Heather has been responsible for growing and providing seamless support services, whether it providing Corporate, HR, IT, Telecoms, Facilities, Fleet Management or Administration support to our teams or providing direct on site delivery of our products and services to our customers.

Heather Jones

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