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first battery-powered pile driving rig

Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB invests in the world’s first battery-powered pile driving rig and will become the first company on the market to offer a more climate-friendly construction site for piling work.


Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB takes the lead when working with sustainability within their business area by investing in the world’s first battery-powered pile driving rig from Junttan Oy.

Junttan develops and builds solid and reliable piling equipment, and Aarsleff designs and delivers custom-made piles and ground engineering solutions in Europe. The companies have combined their respective strengths and expertise in pursuit of a new reality with the same mission: to contribute to sustainability without any limitations on either capacity or performance.

“It feels fantastic to finally be able to offer our customers a climate-smart alternative and a more climate-friendly construction site,” says Niclas Brogren, CEO of Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB. He continues: “It was, of course, a strategic decision at Group level that the piling rig ended up right here in Sweden, but it feels really good to be one of the first Swedish piling contractors to meet the growing demand and interest for climate-smart solutions for piling work in the construction industry.”

The new battery-powered pile driving rig, Junttan PMx2e, is equipped with two battery packs of 396 kWh and a 266 kW electric motor, which generates a continuous working day of 8-10 hours. The new piling rig is already in place in Sweden and will soon be heading for its first project. In one year, Aarsleff is estimated to save 35,000 kg of CO2 and 14,000 litres of diesel. To the customers there are no limitations on the performance of the new battery-powered Junttan PMx2e, compared to the conventional Junttan PMx22. The new piling rig does not produce local emissions and generates significantly less noise when moving across the construction site and can therefore be used in environments with strict emission requirements.

”As the main part of the Group’s carbon dioxide emissions originate from fossil fuels, we work hard to find alternatives to the many diesel-powered machines. The biggest challenge is the lack of large, powerful electric construction equipment or other sustainable driving force, but machine manufacturers are working hard to solve this. The future is beginning to look brighter for more environmentally friendly construction sites,” says Lars Dithmer, Head of Sustainability, Per Aarsleff A/S.

According to the CEO of the Aarsleff Group, Jesper Kristian Jacobsen, it is an active choice to take responsibility, lead the way and contribute to the green transition. “This is just the beginning; we will soon see an increasing number of battery-powered machines of this kind at the construction sites. There are no excuses for choosing diesel if you have a more environmentally friendly alternative. Our sustainability work does not end here, it has just begun.”


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About Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB
Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB is a Swedish subsidiary of the Danish construction company Per Aarsleff A/S and is one of Sweden’s leading companies in ground engineering. Regardless of the type of construction project, a stable and safe foundation is required, we are specialists in ground engineering with an emphasis on geotechnically challenging projects and marine structures. The Aarsleff Group is organized into independent, competitive divisions and subsidiaries that together comprise 7,200 dedicated employees and have a turnover of SEK 18.5 billion.

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