Podcast #14 Sustainable initiatives and game-changing products with Jonas Henriksen

In this podcast, Jessica Banham speaks with Jonas Henriksen on sustainable initiatives and game-changing products within Ground Engineering

You’ll Learn:

2:30: The synergies between Centrum Pæle and Aarsleff Ground Engineering

5:30  Insights into Centrum Pæle extensive product portfolio

10:00 The innovation that led to creating energy piles

12:00 The vision of a low carbon future and Sustainable initiatives

24:00 Why and how we should maximise geothermal energy

About Jonas:

Jonas Henriksen is a Sales Engineer, Advisor, Marketing Coordinator and all-round sustainability expert from Centrum Pæle AS, based in Denmark. Jonas assists with production planning and selling Centrum Pæle’s various other services and products and has been involved in the development of LCA/EPD’s for Centrum’s entire product range. He has a bachelor in Global Business Engineering and plays a vital role in leading innovation and driving business for Centrum’s four European factories.


LinkedIn: Jonas Schütt Henriksen | LinkedIn

Centrum DK: Centrum Pæle

Centrum UK:  Centrum Pile Ltd

Energy Piles: Energipaele.dk

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