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How much does soil nailing cost?

One great advantage of soil nail walls is their cost-effectiveness over other alternative methods.

Soil nailing is a technique designed to stabilise unfavourable structures/slopes. Soil nailing can be used on small and large projects, permanent or temporary.

Let’s first look at how we price regular foundations before discovering how to price soil nailing works.

How do you price foundations?

The type of foundations needed will depend on the following factors:

  • Weight of building/structure
  • Wall construction type and height
  • Soil type
  • Budget
  • Drainage requirements
  • Any environmental requirements

The estimated cost will be the cost required for labour, materials, and equipment in a construction project. Whereas the budget, volume and unit price of work for the project must be known in advance for total costs to be estimated.

Soil Nailing offers cost savings over demolition and rebuild alternatives, and a soil nailing scheme will be less disruptive than these approaches.

As with any foundation, the sequence and construction method will impact the overall costing.

What is the soil nail construction sequence?

The slope or wall which is required to be stabilised first needs to be predrilled. Long steel rods make up the nails, and are inserted and grouted to firmly hold the nail in place. If the ground contains corrosive elements, the soil nails will need to be coated in anti-corrosives to protect them. To give the earth optimum stability, a covering plate is fixed to the ends of the rods.

In most cases, the 10-step sequence looks something like this:

  1. Develop the most effective and efficient design, including the type of nails used and where they should be installed.
  2. Set up the drilling rig.
  3. Drill until you reach the final depth.
  4. Insert Steel Rods Nails.
  5. Fill holes up with a pliable concrete called grout.
  6. Once the grout has hardened, apply load to the end of the nail and try to pull it out. (this will verify that you have installed the soil nail correctly, and it will do what it’s supposed to do)
  7. Apply the plate and bolt down.
  8. Once the nails are installed, apply a facing.
  9. Complete first level before continuing down with reduced level dig.
  10. Continue the above steps until you reach the bottom of the excavation.


How much does soil nailing cost?


How do you price soil nailing work?

A budget plan for pricing soil nailing work would include preparatory work, drainage system, soil nailing, and shotcrete (facing).

A cost estimation for soil nailing considers the four variables:

  1. Length
  2. Horizontal distance
  3. Safety factor (SF)
  4. Time.


By analysing the required work, a method for calculating the unit price for the construction can be done. This includes the cost for the materials needed, the labour of installation, and the equipment used to complete the soil nail construction works.

What is an estimation cost?

The estimation cost is an approximation of costs that covers the costs for labour, materials and equipment needed in the overall delivery of technique and project.

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How much does soil nailing cost?



There is no set price for soil nailing, but the four key factors and the understanding of how foundations are priced can offer you a starting point for working out the generic cost of it.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s specialist geotechnical department, headed by our leading expert Dr Dan Adams,  continues to develop the installation method of the soil nailing technique. With our range of specialist equipment and experienced geotechnical team, we can ensure the best value-engineered product for our customers.

Find out how we provide solutions using soil nails, download our soil nail case studies:


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