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Marcus Marshall Work Experience

We are delighted to welcome 17-year-old Marcus Marshall into the business as he completes a week of work experience with Aarsleff Ground Engineering. We spoke with Marcus on his second day here at Aarsleff.

What have you been doing before commencing your work experience?

I am currently a student at the Minster Sixth Form in Southwell. During my first year in completing my A level’s, I have been studying four subjects, they consisted of Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics. As of now, I am waiting to receive my AS level results which will allow me to continue working towards my final A levels in May/June of next year. In terms of work, I currently have a weekend job at TK Maxx to give me that financial support I may need later on for when I go to university.

Tell me about your work experience so far and your responsibilities?

I am currently doing a work experience placement over a 4-day period starting and finishing from 27th – 30th June. I am rotating around almost all the departments over the time I am spending here, thanks to Sophia in HR who organised this for me so generously. As far as my responsibilities go, I have been informed about the duty I have regarding the health and safety regulations. Due to the nature of my placement, I do not have significant responsibility in terms of operating as part of the company, other than the responsibility of keeping good welfare of others and reporting any unsafe risks. However, I do believe I have other responsibilities such as behaving in a polite and correct manner in the workplace, making sure I do not become an obstruction to any tasks that employees at Aarsleff are trying to complete and not tampering with any equipment or files I am granted access to.

Which departments have you been working in at Aarsleff?

As I am writing this, I have completed one out of the four days of my placement. The departments I have currently visited as of this moment are; Centrum Department (with Louise Sharp), Admin department (Nicola Marriott, Janice Britten and Zoe Botterill) and Health and Safety (with Scott Bonser), as well as this I have also had a visit to the factory (also with Scott) and an introduction to the different aspects and ongoing developments in the Marketing department (with Jessica Banham).

Which department has been your favourite?

If I was to be an employee at Aarsleff, so far, I would look forward to becoming a part of the marketing team the most as it involves the media aspect which interests me. Having seen the different departments, I will be visiting over the remainder of my placement I am looking forward to working in Design, this is mainly because it holds the most interest for me, including aspects of maths etc….

Why is it important for businesses to invest in young talent/apprentices?

I believe this is important because as businesses invest in young talent, they can then train them however they wish. Because businesses do not work the same, they have to adapt workers to the different features and expectations of the roles they are going into. This is why I think that specialisation of young workers can, in the long run, be very beneficial for a business in terms of work rates and work quality. As well as this, investing in apprentices is also beneficial to the apprentices themselves, as they are making a living and certainly making a good contribution to the economy which is maybe why the government are supportive of apprenticeship schemes.

Would you recommend work experience to anyone?

When I take this into consideration and the many different opportunities I have been offered, it is easy to see how much effort was put into preparation. Some places might just recruit you as a coffee maker, or a cleaner for the office. The planning behind my placement came quite late because of my late application and, even then, there has been a lot of exciting things for me to do and learn about. This placement will give me much to talk about on my UCAS statement which will help me with my progression to university. Here at Aarsleff I have been treated like any adult would in the workplace so without a doubt I would recommend this to anyone looking for some valuable experience both in the office and in a factory environment, and a real insight to what goes on inside a company

Thanks, Marcus and best of luck in your AS results!

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