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ABI TM17 featured image
New machinery for Aarsleff’s Retaining Walls Division

Aarsleff Ground Engineering is excited to have taken delivery of its new ABI TM17, a high-performance drilling and piling rig with a flexible telescopic leader.

Shipped from ABI’s factory in Germany, the TM17 maximises performance whilst using considerably less fuel than previous models. Furthermore, from an operator’s perspective the TM17 is fitted with safety cameras and total monitoring equipment to make manoeuvring, driving and all techniques much safer and more efficient.

The rig investment was recently announced as part of an overall expansion in Aarsleff’s specialist retaining wall division, with an impressive product and service portfolio now including temporary and permanent Sheet Piling works, King Post Wall, VDW drilling, Secant and Contiguous pile walls.

Steve Wilkinson, Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Plant Manager said,

“Our new ABI TM17 is a significant investment in Aarsleff’s Specialist Retaining Wall division. Not only will the rig optimise our performance on ground engineering projects around the UK, but it also adds to Aarsleff’s green credentials due to the machines improvements on rig efficiency where huge fuel savings can be achieved without loss of performance”.

Along with the delivery of the new ABI rig, Aarsleff has acquired a VDW 10050 double auger head from its sister company in Poland, Aarsleff SP z o.o. The VDW will allow Aarsleff to utilise the TM17 to install contiguous and secant piles.

For any more information on our specialist retaining wall and piling capabilities, please contact 01636 611140 or drop us an email on