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Aarsleff and Halfway Home Dog Rescue

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has always supported local charities and see it as an integral role in its business operations. When supporting a cause or a charity, Aarsleff makes sure it gets to know the people behind it, to understand their story, meet its people and to gain a greater feel and understanding for how our support can directly help them.

Jessica Banham, Marketing Coordinator at Aarsleff said:

“We are committed to creating long-lasting value for the communities and charities that Aarsleff support. We like to be involved with the charities, to understand how they operate and what they need.”

Halfway Homes, based in Collingham, Notts, are a non-profit private organisation dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in crisis situations in the pounds. Our Marketing Coordinator Jessica Banham, visited the team behind Halfway to see first hand the wonderful work they do to improve the lives of the dogs they rescue and finding them their forever homes.

Jessica Banham meets with Halfway Home Dog Rescue Volunteer and her canine friend, George

Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Marketing Coordinator Jessica Banham meets with Halfway Home Dog Rescue Volunteer and her rescue canine friend, George. 

Halfway Homes have been rescuing dogs since April 2006, to support dogs coming from “death row” situations in northern pounds. The founder Val Hosegood, spoke to Jessica:

“I’m the lucky one because I can do what I’m doing. Every dog deserves a home. The dogs we have have been through a horrible time and all they need is love. We are a small rescue, but since we started Halfway Home, the organisation has grown from strength to strength.

All of our dogs are health checked at our vet, microchipped, de-flead, wormed, if needed given their first vaccinations and also neutered. Our vets bills in 2016 were over £35,000!

We survive on donations, kennel sponsorship, grants and fundraising. All of our dogs are “advertised” on Facebook and our website. All help is greatly appreciated.”

Halfway Home Dog Rescue Founder Val Hosegood

Upon her visit, Jessica said:

“Halfway Home Dog Rescue was a fantastic place with kind, hardworking people, and very loveable dogs. I was fortunate to see first hand how much goes into ensuring the dogs feel safe and loved. Aarsleff Ground Engineering are delighted to be supporting the organisation in a series of ‘ongoing ‘Dress Down’ Fridays at the office, every last Friday of the month”.

For more information about Aarsleff and its corporate responsibility, contact the company on 01636 611140 or email

For more information about the wonderful work that Halfway Home Dog Rescue do, please visit their website and see how you can help today:


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