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Aarsleff Ground Engineering acquire banut 300 piling rig
In November 2016, Aarsleff Ground Engineering purchased three BANUT 300 piling rigs from ABI Equipment Limited. This week, we accepted delivery of the third!

The rigs were designed and built by ABI in Germany to Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s specification. The key features of the rigs were:

• Overall operational weight below 30 tonnes
• Compact transport dimensions
• Low ground bearing pressures to reduce the
cost of piling platform preparation
• 2.5-tonne hydraulic hammer
• Self-erecting without any working height issues
• Data recording facility
• 9m pile length in a single section
• Fully Compliant with BS EN16228 standards
for Drilling and Foundation Equipment

Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Deputy Manager Director Kevin Hague said:

“The BANUT 300 rigs have a reduced platform bearing pressure and so can give significant cost savings with the platform requiring less material than alternative rigs traditionally used for housing schemes. The rigs allow us to pile on restricted access sites and enable us to pitch a 9-metre-long pile, which offers further savings with reduced joint costs”.

The BANUT rigs are fast to mobilise and to rig/derig. Kevin Hague added:

“I like the rapid set up time offered by the BANUT 300. We can be on site and piling within 30 minutes of arrival under the correct conditions. Furthermore, I feel that with very little input from outside the cab, the rigging operation is much safer when compared to other rigs”.

The ability of the BANUT rigs to be transported on a step frame trailer also means that Aarsleff Ground Engineering can access sites located at the back of existing housing estates, moving past parked cars or through limited site access points, reducing the need to unload the rig from a low loader on the road and track into the site on boards to protect paved surfaces.

Finally, Kevin Hague added:

“In choosing a supplier we set some very stringent performance criteria for our new rigs and found that only ABI Group could rise to the challenge with their bespoke BANUT 300 machines”.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has always had a strong presence in the residential/domestic housing sector, where access is typically restricted, and the BANUT rigs have since increased their capability enormously. It has extended their ability to work on more complex commercial projects, as these too require specialist rigs or have space only for minimal platforms.

The rigs have enabled Aarsleff to work in confined spaces on industrial sites where a larger rig would have been unable to access. They have typically been driving 200 x 200mm piles but also 250 x 250mm piles.

For any more information on our specialist piling capabilities, please contact 01636 611140 or send an email to

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