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We are pleased to announce that Aarsleff Ground Engineering and its employees have officially acquired A&J Geotechnical Services. Together, we are bigger, stronger, and better positioned to provide innovative ground solutions that improve the quality of your projects.

Aarsleff have procured A&J Geotechnical Services, a specialist Ground Engineering company with decades of experience in the field. Through this combination, we have created a unique strategic opportunity by combining Aarsleff’s multiple years of expertise and unparalleled knowledge in Driven Piling Solutions with A&J’s Ground Engineering capabilities.

Aarsleff’s organisation is committed to maintaining product excellence and strong customer relationships throughout the integration and providing you with the excellent level of service and product quality that you have come to expect from Aarsleff Ground Engineering. Aarsleff and A&J Geotechnical Services will ensure the transition period is seamless for you.

We look forward to providing you with an even more diverse and comprehensive ground package solution with a new service portfolio comprising Driven Steel, H-Section, Timber or Concrete Piling, Precast Ground Beams, Sheet Piling, Drilling & Grouting, Soil Nails, Micro Piles, Geothermal Boreholes, Ground Anchors, Gabion Baskets, Timber Crib Lock Walls and Soil Stabilisation methods.

Managing Director Chris Primett said

“A&J are a perfect fit for Aarsleff. We have a joint vision of providing our clients with a multidisciplinary offer where the best service, techniques and commercial offering is delivered by our vastly experienced teams. We welcome the A&J team, and know that our amalgamation will greatly benefit our clients and the industry”.

Our General Manager Kevin Hague added

“This move shows our intent of attacking the ground engineering market with a fresh and innovative approach, we will use our joint expertise to develop areas of the market that have been neglected or poorly serviced.”

There will be no immediate change to the way business runs. You can continue to count on Aarsleff’s service and technical support from the same team and contacts that you currently have. In the coming weeks, we will keep you informed of our progress as the integration process evolves.

For more information about Aarsleff Ground Engineering or to send in your enquiry, call 01636 611140 and speak to a member of our expert team today, or drop us an email