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GE FInalist
Aarsleff have impressed this year’s Ground Engineering Award judges and appeared twice in the finalists’ shortlist.
‘International Project of the Year’

A ‘one company’ project between Aarsleff in Denmark and Aarsleff in Sweden has seen its foundation work on the Karlatornet skyscraper in Gothenburg shortlisted for ‘International Project of the Year’. In the city of Gothenburg, the new structure will become the tallest building in the Nordic region, towering 245 meters high. The Aarsleff team provided 57 No. 2000mm bored piles, over 11,000m3 of concrete and 800 tons of reinforcement for the building’s foundation construction works.

The Aarsleff companies were called upon to find a solution that would make it possible to provide piles for the Karlatornet tower, with the challenges of poor ground conditions (very low strength and high sensitivity during excavation) and the sheer scale of the project. Aarsleff deployed the Kelly drilling method for creating the piles, enabling it to create the largest and deepest piles in Sweden. The required load specifications for the piles was also a major achievement for the project, with each pile being able to carry 4500 tonnes.

The Karlatornet project is a flagship project for the Aarsleff team, demonstrating the Group’s ‘One Company’ approach, which is the name given for when different Aarsleff divisions and subsidiaries collaborate on a project to deliver a high quality and bespoke ground engineering solution. With the ’One Company’ ethos, the ground engineering subsidiaries can share expertise, equipment and resource to provide a solution for their clients supported by a multitude of specialist knowledge and combined project experience across Northern Europe.

Aarsleff’s Marketing and Communications Manager said:

“Becoming a finalist in the Ground Engineering 2019 Awards is a tremendous honour for the Aarsleff Group, a great endorsement of our specialist ground engineering expertise and a testament to the value that the Aarsleff ‘One Company’ approach can bring to projects across the UK and internationally. What makes this award special and more highly valued by Aarsleff is the fact that the Ground Engineering awards showcases only those companies who are making a significant impact in the ground engineering industry. Furthermore, the GE Awards are a great platform for us to showcase the great work we have been involved in, while at the same time providing us with a platform to celebrate our success as a team”

‘Contractor of the Year’

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has also been shortlisted in the very competitive ‘Contractor of the Year’ category. With a diverse service offering and a refreshing approach to marketing and client relations, the Aarsleff leadership team have worked tirelessly to create an open and transparent culture for staff members to thrive in. This transparent mentality filters throughout the organisation, backed by continual access to the ‘big data’, regular KPI analysis and increased methods of internal communications for all in the organisation to align with the company’s core values, current and future performance and business objectives.

Corporate Videos

Over the past 12 months, Aarsleff has proven itself able to deliver technically challenging projects completely inhouse, comprising mixed pile solutions, retaining walls, ground anchors, soil nailing and drilling and grouting. The Aarsleff company work and collaborate across different disciplines and departments, sustainably making the most of its knowledge resources. By putting diverse minds together every day, team members share a wealth of information through their collection on ‘big data’ and combine their insights in myriad ways.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering move to the second stage of judging to deliver a presentation at the Ground Engineering head office in London. The winners will be announced at the Ground Engineering Awards on the 5th June 2019, held at The London Hilton on Park Lane.

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