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On the 27th March 2017, Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Managing Director Chris Primett and Business and HR Manager Heather Jones attended ‘The Awards for Courage’ hosted by The Rotary Club of Newark and Newark Castle. Now in its 6th year, the awards took place at the Cedric Ford Pavilion at the Newark Showground. The day’s proceedings commenced with an opening and a welcome address from the President of Newark Rotary Club Rita Crowe.

The courage these children have shown is an example to us all because, despite their personal challenges, all six winners have remained positive; showing bravery, determination and above all, a sense of humour. They embody the notion that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.  We at Aarsleff Ground Engineering are honoured to have sponsored these awards. The awards were presented by District Governor Elect Michael Longdon and were given to the following six inspirational children:

Brittany Lager – Lincoln College Newark Campus

15 months ago Britt contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The condition attacks part of the peripheral nervous system affecting mobility, resulting in loss of muscle and strength, leaving her very weak. The road to recovery was long and challenging. After over 2 months in the hospital, Britt has to learn to walk and complete simple day to day tasks for herself. This affected her emotional wellbeing. However, through determination, positivity and sheer hard work, she has made a full recovery.

Elliott Watson – Magnus C of E Academy

Year 9 pupil Elliott has moderate learning difficulties and global development delay. He struggles with speech, language and communication and has hypoplasia and microcephaly. Despite his problems, he has a 100% attendance at school. He works really hard in all lessons and strives to please his teachers and support his peers. He is always happy and gets very excited when people do well and have formed a special bond with his form tutor.

James Metcalfe – Newark Academy

James, who is in year 9 was diagnosed with chronic fatigue 4 years ago. This restricts the amount of time he is able to attend school. He operates on a very reduced timetable, which, although frustrating, he takes it all in his stride. This has resulted in him missing out on a lot of education and friendship opportunities. He is a truly inspirational young man who continually picks himself up and gets on with whatever is thrown at him.

Hannah Watts – Newark Orchard School

Before joining Newark Orchard in 2014, Hannah found school life very difficult. Her learning disability meant that attempting to keep up with the pace of mainstream school was extremely challenging on a daily basis. Since joining us, Hannah has grown immensely in confidence and despite further difficulties in her personal life, she has developed into a mature, positive young woman. We are all incredibly proud of Hannah’s progress on her journey.

Ellie Roberts – Sir William Robertson Academy

Year 7 student Ellie is an exceptionally caring and hard working young person. She spends a long time helping her mum in caring for her younger sister who has a rare illness. Ellie’s support has been crucial in ensuring that her sister is well looked after. Throughout all of this, Ellie attends school every day, even when she has been caring throughout the night, and maintains a cheerful disposition. She is a model of resilience who is an inspiration to us all.

Laura McGinley – Tuxford Academy

Laura is very discreet but suffers tremendously from an old neck injury. She goes home every day in lots of pain and with migraines. Despite being out of school for numerous hospital visits, she has never given up. She is currently on 6 different tablets to help her get through her GCSE’s. She is also dyspraxic which means she has to work a lot harder. Her perseverance and discretion have been admired since she joined Tuxford Academy.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering are very proud to be sponsors of the Newark Children of Courage Awards. It is an incredible event which gives us an opportunity to show our commitment to support the lives of local children. The evening focuses on youngsters who have overcome adversity, shown outstanding courage, or have simply strived to achieve something that many of us would take for granted. Seeing the pride and smiles on their faces as they are recognised for their achievements is a priceless reward! Check out some of the photos from the day:

Newark Rotary Children of Courage Awards, Aarsleff Ground Engineering

Newark Rotary Children of Courage Awards, Aarsleff Ground Engineering


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