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Sheet Piled Retaining Wall in Upper Dean, Bedford

Aarsleff Ground Engineering were employed by Gray and Sons to install a retaining wall in Upper Dean, Bedford. On behalf of their client Bedford Borough Council, they were installing a new watercourse adjacent to a public road. Part of these works required a sheet piled retaining wall to prevent the bank from slippage and collapse whilst the works were being carried out.

Aarsleff mobilised onto the site on the 5th August, installing the first 3no. piles utilising a bespoke frame and a crane suspended air hammer. The installed piles were then used as a base for the Giken Silent Press to install the further 37no. piles.

A total of 40no. 9m long sheet piles were installed, creating a 25Lin/m retaining wall. Aarsleff also installed a nonstructural capping beam for the retaining wall once all the piles were installed and cut to level.

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