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Drilling and grouting

Esh Group awarded Aarsleff Ground Engineering the drilling and grouting and piling contract for a luxury new housing development in the east of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Aarsleff commenced the Drilling and Grouting works in February 2020, deploying 3 Casagrande drilling rigs. The scope of work spanned across an area of 1,508 square metres and consisted of drilling a 3m x 3m square grid pattern to an average depth of 31m (1m below the anticipated coal seam).  Aarsleff commenced piling in February 2020 and the scope of work included 154no, 450mm diameter CFA and SFA piles, to 20m depth. The piling rigs deployed to site included a Soilmec SF50, Casagrande B175 and Klemm 709.

The main challenges on site were working within close proximity of the River Tyne, disruption to working hours by nearby businesses/assets, and limited material storage space due to site constraints. Careful planning, coordination of our rigs movements and site deliveries ensured that disruption was minimised and our operations were not impeded.

The new development will transform a once-neglected small plot of land that once housed the local cattle sanatorium to a new mezzanine-style complex surrounding one of the most vibrant areas in the east of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Aarsleff can perform drilling and grouting in limited working space, with the ability to manoeuvre and grout around structures to consolidate soil, particularly beneficial for existing commercial or residential areas or to prevent against the collapse of redundant voids associated with mine working tunnels, sewers, sinkholes, and culverts.

Read the full case study here.

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