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How do you install a Ground Anchor?
  1. Develop the most effective and efficient design, including the type of anchors to be used and where they should be installed.
  2.  Set up the drill rig
  3.  Drill hole
  4. Inject grout
  5.  Insert threaded bar with sleeve
  6.  Apply plate
  7. Once the grout has hardened, apply load to the end of the anchor and try to pull it out. This will verify that you have installed the ground anchor correctly and it will do what it’s supposed to do.
  8.  Drainage strips
  9.  Install temporary facing
  10.  Install Toe Drain
  11. Install final facing


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Aarsleff Ground Engineering installs all types of temporary and permanent drilled ground anchors. We use ground anchors for spread foundation and for anchoring of permanent and temporary structures in clay, soil, gravel or sand – without excavation, casting or damage to the foundation. Aarsleff has a wealth of experience in the design and installation of ground anchor systems.

For more information about Aarsleff Ground Engineering or to send in your enquiry, call 01636 611140 and speak to a member of our expert team today, or drop us an email