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piling works

Remote project management for large scale driven precast piling works.

In March 2021, Aarsleff Ground Engineering were contracted by Parkway Construction MK to conduct the piling works to strengthen and protect the ground for the construction of three terrace units designed for industrial purposes. The three units are subdivided into twelve sections and provide opportunities for light industrial warehouses and distribution businesses.

The new Aerial Park stretches a mass of 113,171 sq ft. Located one mile from the town’s busy high street in Chesham, Aarsleff are installing 1450No. driven precast piles using two rigs which include their Junttan PM20HLC and Junttan PMx22 piling rigs.
Aarsleff operated and coordinated the Junttan PM20HLC to start on units 1-6 and the Junttan PMx22 to start on 7-10, which went on to complete the works for units 11-12.

The impact of covid has brought many challenges to the construction industry. The ever-changing government guidance and measures put in place to meet health and safety requirements has continued to challenge normal communications and the amount of staffing required on-site…

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