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Established in 1947, Per Aarsleff A/S is a leading Danish contracting company with skilled and professional teams operating across Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, and the UK.

The Aarsleff Ground Engineering segment is equipped to solve technically challenging ground-related problems in most parts of the world. In addition to driven and drilled pile foundations, they design and install construction pits with retaining walls such as sheet pile, combi, or secant pile walls, as well as driven and drilled king post walls. Aarsleff’s expertise also extends to nail, anchoring, specialist grouting, geotechnical investigations and groundwater lowering systems.

Aarsleff is a leader within pile production and pile foundation, with their own pile factories in Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Poland, and Germany. They have an impressive range of machinery and access to Europe’s largest fleet of ground engineering rigs. Aarsleff offer a comprehensive and detailed design facility, providing a turnkey solution from order placement to final construction.

Experience, methods, and expertise are shared across country borders with a view to continuing the development of pile types and machinery as well as the innovation of new methods and geotechnical techniques. Projects undertaken in collaboration between several of Aarsleff’s divisions and companies are known as ‘One Company’. This is valuable to the client; providing flexibility, efficiency and security throughout all processes whilst remaining financially beneficial to all.

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