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Contiguous Pile Walls
Contiguous Pile Walls and their Advantages

Contiguous pile walls are mainly constructed using the CFA technology and consist of reinforced piles (soft – reinforcement cage; firm – steel section). Contiguous piled walls are utilised when groundwater ingress is not an issue. The dimension of the gap between the piles typically ranges between 50 and 150mm. A permanent wall can be created, taking the form of a structural concrete facing wall tied to the piles or sprayed concrete. A contiguous pile wall is the ideal choice of earth retention systems in the urban context.

Cased Secant Pile Wall Illustration


Here, we look at some at the top 10 advantages of choosing a Contiguous Pile Wall:

  1. Contiguous Pile Walls are designed in-house by Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s highly experienced design engineers
  2.  Efficient bored pile wall solutions can be a cost-effective solution compared to Diaphragm walls
  3. Plan footprint flexibility
  4. Load bearing capacity
  5. Can be installed in difficult ground –  The range of soil conditions in which CFA piles can be used are
    granular soils, cohesive soils and soft rocks
  6. Contiguous Walls are a type of deep vertical soil support system, ideal for metropolitan cities. Urbanisation makes the cost of land high and so it is increasingly common to go deeper into the ground. In complicated urban settings, deep retaining systems like Contiguous Pile Walls have been deployed successfully
  7. CFA piles are considered more economical than diaphragm walls in small to medium scale excavations due to reduction in cost and time of site operations
  8. Contiguous piles are suitable in crowded urban areas, where traditional retaining methods would otherwise encroach the adjoining properties
  9. The presence of footings of adjacent buildings and underground utilities on a site make contiguous pile wall the ideal choice for supporting an excavation
  10. Contiguous piled walls have a faster speed of installation when compared with secant piled walls

Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Specialist Retaining Walls division works closely with our wider group function to provide a comprehensive solution for deep basement construction including piling, excavation, propping and concrete works.

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