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Driven Steel Tube Piles
Steel tube piles provides huge environmental savings

Aarsleff has saved 3,166,810.99kg CO2e. in 12 months by using John Lawrie’s steel tubular piles. This equates to the same amount of C02 emissions as:

  • 365 homes’ energy used
  • 536 homes’ electricity used
  • 403,870,443 No. of phones charged

“John Lawrie has been a key supplier to Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ltd for many years and we have developed a close working relationship together. Reducing the earth’s CO2 levels is key to safeguarding the planet for our children going forward. Therefore it’s great to see that whilst installing steel tubular piles on our sites across the UK, we are contributing to this cause, whilst providing foundations to satisfy our client’s needs for the future”-Dan Broadley, Operations Manager

Since being founded in the 1930s, delivering significant circular economy, environmental and financial benefits through repurpose and recycling is central to John Lawrie’s business model. John Lawrie Tubulars repurpose redundant steel tubulars from the North Sea oil and gas industry as a high-quality alternative to new manufactured steel products for the construction piling industry. For every tonne of repurposed steel used there is a CO2e saving of 2163.95kg compared to using new steel. That’s the equivalent of driving over 15,000 miles in an average car!

Driven Steel Piles

Steel Piles

With the construction industry focused on coming together to review ways in which to reduce emissions and support the UK in bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, John Lawrie Tubulars UK said its report details one way to help drive the changes required.

John Lawrie Tubulars UK MD Iain Laing added:

“As further commitment to our drive towards a circular economy, we have invested in this life cycle assessment, so we can present to our clients the environmental impact and benefits of working with us.By repurposing these products in a manner suitable for the construction piling industry, we are helping to reduce the need to produce prime steel products, which in turn helps preserve the Earth’s natural resources.”

Piling contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering offers steel bearing piles to its clients. These recycled oil & gas drilling cases are high-grade thick wall steel tubes for sites with minor obstructions and/or sites with vibration issues for surrounding structures. Ranging from 140-339mm, Driven Steel piles are manufactured of a high grade of steel that lends itself very well to being driven into the ground for bearing piles. The piles are robust and can withstand high driving stresses which assists with overcoming very dense bands or obstructions.

Driven Steel Tube Piles

Driven Steel Tube Piles

Steel bearing piles are most commonly employed in civil engineering structures such as for road bridges and marine structures where their high axial, lateral and tensile load capacities are required. Steel bearing piles of tubular or H-sections are most commonly used. As with all of Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s driven piling solutions, steel bearing piles provide a proven and tested pile, eliminating guesswork to produce a cost-effective product that can accommodate a wide variety of subsurface conditions.

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