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In this podcast, Kevin Hague speaks with Paula McMahon about influencing and creating lasting change through collaboration.

You’ll Learn:

1:24 Paula’s career journey into civil engineering and the fascinating projects she has been involved in

5:31 Why educating society is key in creating a sustainable future

9:40 The importance of attracting new talent into the construction industry

11:20 Paula’s thoughts on the current market’s rate of growth

18:00 The critical ingredients of listening to increase inclusivity and resolve problems.

About Paula:

Paula McMahon is a Chartered Civil Engineer, current holder of the European WICE Award Life in Engineering Award (, and currently works for Sir Robert McAlpine where she looks after the people, their personal development and social value. Paula is also the local chair of civil engineers at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Over the course of her career, Paula has worked on a variety of construction projects in many roles where she has managed multi-discipline teams for companies such as Dubai Aluminium. She has a breadth of experience working with highway networks and projects including the Hinkley Point Nuclear New Build and oil and gas industrial sites.

She has recently taken on a passion project comprising a newly launched campaign to help children and the public understand Climate Change and work towards solutions. Check it out here: Primary Voices – YouTube.


LinkedIn: Paula McMahon

Sir Robert McAlpine

Engineering together

ICE: North East

Warp it: Welcome to Warp It- the resource redistribution network (

Sustainability Mentors: Sustainability Mentor (

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