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King Post Walls


King post walls (KPW) are a versatile and cost-effective retaining wall solution for contractors working in many different ground conditions, including rock. As part of the KPW design, steel H-section beams and precast concrete panels are used however KPWs can be constructed using various types of infill panel including timber.

The method of KPW involves drilling a hole with a high-powered CFA, large diameter or mini piling rig and then filling it with concrete and installation an H beam. This allows concrete prestressed panels to be inserted between the webs of the H sections, which after excavation results in the finished embedded retaining wall. King Post Walls may be used for different retention applications and heights in different ground conditions, including rock.

These walls benefit from a quick installation for both a temporary or permanent result. They are also used to retain a variety of materials, and mostly for structures such as basements, flood defences and embankment retention. Specialist retaining walls like King post walls have several benefits so let us cover the five things you should know when designing groundworks for your projects.

Download our KPW postcard here to learn more information on what King Post Walls are

5 things about KPW’s that will save you additional costs.

  1. Corners can be fabricated off-site so that no on-site hot works are required on site. This reduces risk on site as well as saving time and money.
  2. There is no spoil generated on-site. Again, saving you time and money as well as being environmentally friendly.
  3. The king post wall design can be constructed with various rig sizes to allow for restricted site access, but still achieves the retaining requirements when using larger rigs.
  4. These retaining walls can be designed for 120-year design life. This saves on maintenance costs and means you are more likely to win those bigger projects.
  5. These walls offer a simple and quick installation making it a smooth transition on handing over to follow on trade. Learn how King Post Walls are installed by checking out our video here


There are many advantages of using King Post Walls in your projects, mostly that they are economically the quickest piling solution for working with difficult and hard soils.

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