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Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ltd is a market leader when it comes to developing methods to reduce noise and vibration. We continuously monitor and adapt working practices and equipment to improve the environmental impact of noise and vibration in our working practices.

Environmentally, Aarsleff focuses on making efficient use of resources, preserving the natural and built environment, minimising nuisance, and preventing pollution through safe working practices. Economically, Aarsleff prioritises responsible business practice by engaging with the supply chain, supporting local businesses, and promotion smart and sustainable solutions to its clients.

Aarsleff is able to operate in sensitive locations. With vibration and noise monitoring, we are able to monitor and adjust our working practices to suit each situation. The piling hammer can be shrouded to reduce sound emissions at source and where adjacent structures are sensitive to vibration, the hammer fall height can be finely controlled to minimise the effects of pile driving; alternatively, pile positions can be pre-bored or steel tubes driven.

In using the Centrum precast concrete pile, the true environmental impact of the project is generally proven to be very favourable over alternative piling methods. Precast concrete piles use less natural materials (fine and coarse aggregate) and less cementitious materials per unit load carried. Driven precast concrete piles also generate no spoil or arisings or hazardous waste to dispose of, thus reducing traffic movements to and from the site.

Environmental Policy Statement of Commitment

The Environment Protection Act 1990 requires employers to take measures to protect the Environment.
Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ltd cares about the environment in all its forms and recognises that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of its business.
The company is aware that its operations affect the environment; its objective is to balance the needs of its business aims with the need to protect the environment, particularly that local to its operations.

This is evidenced by Aarsleff’s ISO 14001: 2015 accreditation.

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