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Secant Pile Wall
Secant Piles and Ground Anchors for Hotel & Shopping Centre

For the construction of a new combined hotel and shopping centre in the centre of Kristianssand, Norway, Per Aarsleff A/S has established the construction pit. Due to the location of the future building in the centre of Kristianssand, the construction pit was carried out with the noise and vibration- free method of bored piles with soil anchors. The piles form the permanent basement wall for the underground car park. Our choice of execution method was also based on the good results of bored piles in the Kristiansand’s sand which is very homogeneous and without obstacles.

Secant Pile Wall

Secant Pile Wall

Bored piles

As Aarsleff had busy activity in Denmark, we hired a subcontractor from Belgium for installation of the concrete piles which were bored as VDW piles of DN620 millimetres.


Anchors in one level were installed with our own Hütte anchor drilling rig. We worked seven days a week to comply with the time schedule.

Dry sand posed challenges

The dry sand of the area posed challenges for the piles and we had to use concrete with extra bonding agent to retain the water. When establishing the concrete piles, we also had problems monitoring the concreting pressure and could therefore not control it. As a consequence, we had to repair the piles after excavation.

  • 260 rm secant pile wall with 12-metre piles of DN620 mm
  • 200 soil anchors in the form
    of strand anchors of 18-19 m

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