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Mini Piles - Augered Piling

Mini Piles – Augured piles, are generally used in cohesive soils where segmental augers are rotated into the ground and the soil being penetrated is flighted to the surface by the augers. Where the ground is unstable, temporary casing can be installed in conjunction with the augers to progress the bore. When the desired pile length has been achieved, the steel reinforcement is placed and the pile bore is filled with either concrete or grout. This technique is most suitable for cohesive soils and is particularly time efficient and cost effective where open boring is possible.

We carry out several types of Mini Piling, often in confined spaces, like a small house extension, a retrofit basement or an underground car park, since the equipment deployed is significantly smaller than what’s required for traditional piling. It’s also ideal for built-up areas, since it causes less noise and vibrations, while still producing secure foundations.  It’s a cost-effective method for use on difficult underpinning projects.

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