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Mini Piling contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering specialise in the design and installation of mini piles from 100mm diameter to 600mm diameter. Mini piles are used in conjunction with steel reinforced ground beams to replace traditional footings for new build houses, factories when ground conditions become unfavourable. Mini piles are used to strengthen existing structures such as bridges, retaining walls, floor slabs. Mini piles can be used as an alternative to traditional underpinning. Aarsleff are backed by a firm of geotechnical consultants who provide a fully insured mini pile design service. Rest assured that Aarsleff will provide you with the most competitive quote for mini piles which fits your project and budget.

  • Work extremely well both in tension and compression
  • Speed of Installation
  • Can be installed in confined spaces
  • Micro Piles cause minimal disturbance/vibration to adjacent structures during the installation
  • With suitable ground conditions they can be installed cost effectively, with high load capacities
  • They can be installed in areas presenting difficult access and/or overhead clearance
  • They can be structurally incorporated into existing foundation systems
  • Can work within low headroom in restricted working conditions
  • Virtually vibration free
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