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Liebherr LB24 Rotary Drilling Rig

Aarsleff Ground Engineering is delighted to announce the addition of the Liebherr LB24 rotary drilling rig to complement an already extensive fleet of piling and geotechnical rigs. The new addition allows Aarsleff to service the rotary drill market, including the execution of drilling, continuous flight auger piles, drilling with partial or full displacement tools, double rotary drilling and soil mixing.

The LB24 rotary drilling rig has a high engine output with automatic engine speed control. Its sturdy and solid design allows for high alignment forces, simultaneous control of several moments via load-sensing multi-circuit hydraulics and high pull and push forces that enable quick assembly of rotary.


  • Total Height: 75ft
  • Total Weight (operating): 4878kg
  • pull, leader on ground 72,000lbf
  • Lateral inclination: +8 °
  • Forward inclination: 5 °
  • Backward Inclination: 15 °


  • Kelly Drilling – Rotary mode can do 29mtr to a diameter of 1600mm
  • Continuous Flight Auger Drilling (CFA) – maximum diameter of 1mtr to 21mtr depth
  • Double Rotary Drilling


To meet the growing demands on the business, the LB24 rotary drilling rig can install both CFA piles and large diameter rotary bored piles. The Liebherr rig is a cost-effective way of exploring the market and delivering both value and efficiency for our clients”. – Peter Handley, Senior Director, UK.

For more information on CFA and large diameter rotary bored pile installation, or to discuss a project that might benefit from this rigs’ specialist capabilities, contact our Senior Director Peter Handley on 01636 611140 or email

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