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Bored Piled Wall Solutions

Aarsleff Ground Engineering is driving innovation using bored pile wall solutions to navigate complex challenges. Bored pile wall solutions are another type of concrete piling, which is used to support buildings producing heavy vertical loads. Bored piles are cast-in-place on the construction site by drilling a circular hole into the ground, installing steel reinforcement and then filling the borehole with concrete to form the bored pile. Apart from building foundation piles, the bored piling method is also used to form Contiguous and Secant bored pile walls for the earth retention system.

Working with Sirius Remediation Ltd our team have been deployed to install a contiguous rotary bored piled wall solution, on a major new housing development in North Shields.

Following the discovery of an abandoned coal mine shaft, we were called in to design and install a suitable ground engineering solution. A piled retaining wall is currently being installed around the perimeter of the mineshaft to create a physical barrier and protect the new houses should movement or collapse occurs in the future.

750mm diameter, 32m long, heavily reinforced piles are being installed, using our Liebherr LB24 multi-disciplined bored ping rig. Each pile is founded into the underlying mudstone bedrock using specialist boring tools.

This project also sees the first use of our own tremie pipe and rack system, shown here. This system is employed when pouring concrete below ground level to prevent the concrete from segregation or contamination and has been designed, manufactured and painted by our own in-house plant and fabrication team. Aarsleff Ground Engineering continue to transform and remodel processes and equipment to provide quality service to our clients, and to continue to revolutionise the construction industry. We hope to announce the opening of our new plant workshop later this month, which will be available for external companies also, please keep an eye out on our homepage and social media platforms for updates.


tremmie rack

Aarsleff Tremie Rack



Meanwhile, due to our collaborative approach, SRW has now been awarded a contract to install a King Post retaining wall system on the same development. Credit to all the teams involved in developing the right solutions to overcome the challenges and kickstart the latest phase of this important housing development.

Aarsleff is proud to be providing our clients with innovative bored piled wall solutions and is looking forward to assisting you on your future project that may require our services. Interested in finding out more about our bored pile wall solutions? Contact Peter Handley on 07880 405083  or email at