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New Casagrande C6 XPS NEW RIG

Aarsleff are thrilled to take delivery of its second Casagrande C6 XP-2 drilling rig, having received the first Casagrande in November 2019.

The Casagrande C6 XP-2 is a multifunctional machine, suitable for ground anchors, soil nails, drilling and grouting works and micro piling. The machine is also designed to drill boreholes, to insert and extract casings, to power a casing oscillator and for piling by the continuous flight auger method – all ground engineering solutions offered by Aarsleff.

The rig benefits from Smart Power Management and full-load sensing hydraulic systems which provides intelligent power management, improves the performance of the machine and reduces overall fuel consumption. Furthermore, designed using sound-absorbing material, the C6 XP-2 has been able to reduce its overall noise output and uses oil heat exchangers to reduce noise levels even further.

The C6 XP-2 is fully radio controlled, providing easier manoeuvrability when working on restricted access sites. Smart monitoring allows the operator to be aware of everything the machine is doing, providing foresight into required maintenance and work progression.

Aarsleff’s Group Plant Manager Steve Wilkinson said:

Our new drilling rig represents some significant investment into the geotechnical arm of our business and we are now looking forward to demonstrating its capabilities on a wide range of projects in the UK

After a quick photoshoot at Aarsleff’s plant yard, the new rig has been promptly transported to its first project on the M6 J21a-26 smart motorway contract. The rig will probe drill 42No. holes to a maximum 45m below ground level, operating on both the North and Southbound carriageways for 5 weeks during the nightshift.

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