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Searching For A Trusted Piling Contractor In The UK?

Piling is a key method of construction which has been in use for centuries, including during the days of the Roman empire. Driven piling has played an important part in the advance of modern civilisation and today there are many methods available to ensure you have the strongest foundation for a structure possible.

Offering a range of smart geotechnical and ground engineering solutions, Aarsleff Ground Engineering UK are trusted piling contractors who offer numerous structural solutions, including Precast Concrete Piles, Steel Bearing Piles, Timber Piles, Mini Piles, and Sheet Piling.

Why choose Aarsleff Ground Engineering as your piling contractor in the UK?

Aarsleff Ground Engineering can work on a wide range of schemes- whether it’s multi-use residential developments, hospital and health care buildings, schools and universities, wind turbines, commercial units that need a variety of pile types, or infrastructure like rail, embankments and roads.

We are a subsidiary of Per Aarsleff A/S which is one of Denmark’s leading civil engineering contractors.

Whether you’re concerned about site constraints or poor soil at a shallow depth, or have large design loads, our experts can offer both temporary and permanent solutions. One of our foundation solutions include a fast, sustainable, zero-waste precast ground beam system for house foundation packages, alongside all other geotechnical techniques ranging from drilling and grouting, soil nails and ground anchors to king post walls, sheet piles and driven piling

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