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Looking for Leading Soil Nail Contractors?

Do you need a company that can design support structures for the geotechnical industry?

For ground engineering contractors with extensive experience, look towards Aarsleff Ground Engineering UK for a wide range of geotechnical solutions.

Specialists in the installation of Ground Anchors and Soil Nails, Aarsleff Ground Engineering UK has grown rapidly to become one of the country’s leading driven piling and geotechnical specialist contracting engineers.

Sustainable solutions for a wide range of projects.

Our range of techniques include soil nails which are a cost-effective method for the long or short-term stabilisation of steep or existing slopes. Soil nailing involves installing a passive reinforcement by inserting steel or fibre glass threaded soil nails into pre-bored holes. It can also involve simultaneous drilling and installation techniques

This technique offers many advantages when compared to top-down construction techniques, with soil nailing requiring less disruptions to traffic and causing less environmental impact. It is also much economical and is ideal for projects where you don’t need a structural element below the bottom of the evacuation.

The end results will mean less risks of landslides or other ground movements, since soil nails perform well during seismic events.

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