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Timber Piles

Prefabricated piles, thanks to the transfer of vertical, horizontal and bending loads, are used to make foundations for all types of constructions, practically in all soil conditions. The proximity of other buildings does not exclude the possibility of their use. The oldest, currently rarely used, type of piles of prefabricated piles are wooden piles. These piles are usually plunged with the method of hammering, they are less often vibrated. Prefabricated timber is pressure protected and the type of protection is selected for a specific type of soil. The most important advantages of wooden piles include low material cost and durability (there are buildings built on such piles that have been successfully used for over 100 years). What is very important from the point of view of contractors and contracting parties, prefabricated wooden piles are easy to transport, and in addition can be cut with a simple chainsaw.


Driven Timber Piles Driven Piling Illustration


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Specialist Piling contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering offer Timber piles to its clients. Timber has been used for piled foundations for centuries. Responsibly sourced timber piles are installed for many project types – mainly within marine working environments and low loaded structures with a lifespan of up to 30 years.

Timber has been long favoured for marine works because of its ability to absorb impacts and its ease of handling over water. Timber piles are used for groynes and sea defence works as well as jetties, dolphins, fender piling and rubbing strips. The main advantages are potential low costs, sustainable material, carbon sequestration and off-cuts can be used for fuel.

Aarsleff commonly use Greenheart Timber piles (also known as Demerara Greenheart), ideally suited for salt and fresh water applications where strength and long life are required. Indeed, Greenheart has been used in piling for many years, due to its longevity under extreme conditions. Greenheart Timber comes from South America and features high strength and superior resistance to decay.

The piles also require no timber treatment making it a very environmentally friendly solution, yet significantly stronger than other timber alternatives.

Advantages of using timber piles include:

  • Low cost, per ton of capacity
  • Dependable, renewable supply – available in a range of lengths and sizes
  • Long history of successful application to low and medium unit loads
  • Easily handled and driven with conventional equipment
  • Tapered shape and full displacement characteristics advantageous for developing soil capacity in shorter lengths
  • Strength in tension and bending applications
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