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King Post Walls

King Post Walls (KPW), also known as Soldier Piles, are some of the oldest forms of retaining systems used in deep excavations. King Post Walls have successfully been used since the late 18th Century in metropolitan cities like New York, Berlin, and London. King Posts are isolated steel columns that are installed along the line of the proposed retaining wall typically at centres between 1 and 3m. The space between the posts is filled, over the retained height, using a variety of different solutions but most commonly a precast concrete panel. The method of King Post Walls involves drilling a hole with a high powered CFA, large diameter or mini piling rig and then filling it with concrete and installation an H beam. This allows concrete pre-stressed panels to be inserted between the webs of the H sections, which after excavation results in the finished embedded retaining wall.


King Post Wall Illustration

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King Post Walls offer the following advantages:

  • KPWs are fast to construct
  • KPWs can be cheaper when compared to other retaining systems such as sheet piled and concreted piled walls
  • KPW installation is versatile and adjustments can be made in the field easily to accommodate changes
  • KPWs are a simple and quick installation making it a smooth transition on handing over to follow on trade
  • KPWs may be used for different retention applications and heights in different ground conditions, including rock.
  • Applications are numerous including basements, embankment retention and flood defence walls
  • Relatively silent and vibration-free installation
  • Procurement of locally sourced materials
  • King Post Corners can be fabricated off-site so that no on-site hot works are required on site. This reduces risk on site as well as saving time and money
  • Cost-effective system for use in hard ground
  • Can be tied back with Ground Anchors
  • No spoil generated on-site
  • Piling is unaffected by groundwater

For more information, please email or call 01636 611140.

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King Post Wall Installation Method

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