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Ground Beams

Centrum Ground Beam

Aarsleff Ground Engineering, in conjunction with Centrum Pile Ltd, has designed the Centrum Ground Beam System, designed for the housing industry, to accompany Aarsleff’s driven piling offering.

We appreciate the importance of continuity on-site for efficiency, quality and cost reasons, particularly when it comes to foundation work within residential and modular builds. Aarsleff’s Centrum Ground Beam System is the result of nearly two years R&D and is a fully warranted precast ground beam system. Integrating seamlessly with Aarsleff’s piling solutions; the Centrum Ground Beam System allows a one-stop-shop approach for your foundation requirements.

For further information on the Centrum Precast Ground Beam and the installation sequence, please visit our Sister website:

For many years Aarsleff has been successfully installing the Centrum Pile System of precast concrete piles, with the ground beams being installed by follow-on trades. Now Aarsleff is able to offer ground beams as part of its foundations solutions, but more importantly, as a seamless component of its piling works. With the piling operation linked to the ground beam design and installation, we at Aarsleff are sure that you – our client – will benefit.

The bespoke Centrum Ground Beam System is manufactured in the same quality controlled environment as Centrum Piles and is fully warranted together with all of Aarsleff’s piling solutions.

  • Uses less natural materials (fine and coarse aggregate).
  • Less cementious materials per unit load carried.
  • Driven precast concrete piles also generate no spoilings or hazardous waste to dispose of.
  • Reduced number of deliveries to and from the site.
  • Fully NHBC warranted ISO9001: 2015 Quality Assured product
  • The speed of installation is up to 5 times faster than traditional methods. On average, we can install 200L/m a day.
  • Accurate installation to achievable tolerances of +0mm -5mm.

For details about the Ground Beam’s installation sequence, visit the Centrum Pile website:


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