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We asked children to use their imagination and draw their very own construction vehicle, whether that’s on land, sea, space or air! Thank you to those who have already entered our drawing competition.

We have received some brilliant drawings already but there is still plenty of time to enter. The closing date for entries is 1st June 2020, so keep those drawings coming!


Linn Kristine, 7


Amelie Roche, 10

“My construction vehicle is for the sea. It detects plastic and sucks it through the chute and into the plastic container. Where the plastic was in the sea before, the operator will control the stretchy arm to build a reef with lots of plants and will also plant a plastic filter to stop the plastic floating around in the water.” – Amelie


Neve Cannon, 9

“Propeller Mixer can mix cement using the special propeller  and delivers super quick on building sites.” – Neve


Mckenzie, 8

“It digs a lot of mud at a time” – Mckenzie


Betsy Anne Severn, 6

“Betsy’s ice digger – digging ice at the front, turning it to ice creams at the back. Machine on skates for specialist ice work” -Betsy

“Not an elephant pooping ice cream 😂” – Dad


Mikołaj B, 5

“A battery-powered excavator crane, environmentally-friendly, quiet and unique as it combines two machines in one” – Mikołaj

Marysia B, 8

“Electric excavator and concrete mixer in one, environmentally-friendly and unique as it performs two works at once” – Marysia

Isabel Hoe, 8

“This is a lorry. It moves things around. It can carry things as well” – Isabel

Edward Hoe, 5


Isaac Ward, 8


“The [construction] spaceships collect the houses then they take them to the moon to make a city where space humans can live” – Isaac

Jamie Ward, 5

“The [construction] snake is making lots of houses and some birds are singing a very funny song and I like it” – Jamie

Alex U, 8

“This vehicle is designed to go underground at extreme pressure and heat and can build buildings underground” – Alex

Olivia U, 5

Olivia and her wonderful drawing.

“My car is to plant flowers” – Olivia

Alex and Olivia drawing together. Fantastic!

Alicja, 7

“Robo-Bud – An autonomous machine that removes soil by itself, excavates, drills holes, transfers heavy materials. The machine works with three mobile robots: mini excavator, mini crane, mini concrete mixer”

Tosia, 4

Tosia, 4


“Tosia, 4 years old, does not follow the mainstream art, which is proved by the mirror letter S on her name, introduces color, beauty, royalty and ecology to a place like a construction site, where not only the final effect (beautiful palace) matters but also artistry in building it.


The Princess is building her kingdom and palace in this colourful caro-excavator (carriage-excavator) that can drive anywhere even on the highest mountain and digs huge holes to build a palace.

DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION (written based on the child’s description):
You can see from the drawing that the backhoe (caro-excavator bucket) can work in all planes, both vertically, horizontally and in rotational motion, and in the case of hard ground it can dig in with truly royal grace with its rainbow-colored teeth to dig the foundations for the royal palace.

Don’t be misled by smoke from the chimney, it is only the heat generated from alternative green energy, which is confirmed by the smiling sun, which looks up to the newly emerging palace.

Innovative colours pioneered to the construction site detachment from the monochrome view that accompanies the construction.
As you can see in the bottom part of the door it is free place to put on a blue background white logo AARSLEFF”

Ania, 4

“Concrete mixer”

Kuba, 7

“According to Kuba it is a multi-purpose machine that burns piles, drills piles, transports piles and feeds under a hammer. It also produces a concrete mix in addition on a two-way chassis. The crawler with rail carriages enables driving on railways. The gray machine in the T layout is a mast with a hammer and a drill”

Alice, 4

“A great car for my dad – he always arrives on time to help men at the construction site with good advice and more” – Alice

Natalia, 6

“The most wonderful, safest and fastest excavator that will build our house, playground and everything on the moon, because there is no coronavirus and you will be able to normally play in the yard.” – Natalia

Children's Construction Rig Drawing

Jake, 9

“This is a piling rig that can dig itself out of soft ground.”

Children's Construction Drawing

Abi, 6

This is a dozer that spreads grass seeds as it goes!

Childrens construction drawing

Magdalena, 14

“The transporter I have designed moves on water, in the air and on the ground. Some elements make this possible: airbags all around and motors that operate thanks to the solar panel. It is located at the front of the vehicle. There is also a driver’s cab, which can be accessed via a metal and rope ladder, located on the side. At that point, you can also see the battery, which shows the percentage of solar charge that makes the machine move. There is a huge sliding door on the side. At the back there are also doors through which building materials can be inserted up to 20 meters long. Above there is a waterproof material that imitates the roof, and HDS at the very end. Its task is to pack and unpack materials. The ability to fly, swim and move on the ground makes the vehicle multifunctional. Its uniqueness is demonstrated by engines that use gravity.” – Magdalena

Childrens Construction Drawing

Samuel, 8

Samuel, 8

“My construction vehicle is called ‘The Scorpion Space Digger’ because the inspiration for my design is based on a scorpion. It is a vehicle which visits different moons and planets in the solar system, digging for and storing, inside it’s stomach, new rocks and minerals. The tail can extend so that the ‘sting’, which is actually a drill, can go deep into the ground and suck up small parts of rock and sediment. The arms scoop up rock that is on the surface and the mouth can ‘eat’ larger pieces of rock that are then sucked up, like a vacuum, into the stomach. The legs have wheels with a thick tread so that they can move over the bumpy ground easily. There are two eye headlights to make navigating easier. The vehicle is controlled by a remote device. There is a hatch door on the stomach so that people can safely access the rocks inside using the special key.” – Samuel

Construction Drawing

Maja, 4

“My father’s excavator is blue and not made of cotton

has pliers, long as the legs of a spider

will repair the canals and roads” [In polish, this is a nursery rhyme]

Construction 3D

Dawid, 4

“3D Construction”

Construction 3D

Krystian, 3

“3D Construction”

Construction Drawing

Karolina, 8

“ARSLEFUS – Underwater construction machine – An underwater machine that cleans water, builds houses for underwater animals. also collects rubbish and explores the bottom of the see” – Karolina

Construction Drawing

Ida, 4

“I work for the Bluelight GmbH (a subsidiary of Aarsleff) in Germany. We are active in trenchless sewer rehabilitation. My 4-year-old daughter wanted to take part in the competition immediately. She painted a Bluelight-van with a trailer. It contains all of our technology. In the original it looks like this”

Construction Drawing

Izabella, 6

“MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE (JUPITER) – This is a combination of most devices used in AARSLEFF. The most important thing about this machine, however, is that it is wound with this big blue key. Two people wind it up and then the turbo drive turns on all day.” – Izabella

Construction Drawing

Marysia, 11

• Wing-driven excavator – like a bird;
• Does not need any fuel (cares for the environment) – a man pedals inside and the wings move;
• Can fly, so it transports itself to the designated workplace (mobilization costs nothing);
• Can work in all ground conditions (stays above ground);
• The operator in the cab has a device for preparing food and drink, so he will never be hungry and will have the strength to pedal.

Gabriela, 7

“My construction vehicle is designed to transport materials, both heavy or  light. It will reach even the most difficult places on earth because it is like an ant. It will tell you how it will move to reach its destination. He moves on mechanical legs and can walk on steep and uneven terrains where there is no road and nobody will reach. After a short automatic change he can quickly ride on wheels on the road, and when he needs to flow with water,  the wheels have tiny propellers that propel him in the water.  The vehicle can also be controlled and managed manually; you can either plan a route or ask him to follow a person to the place of unloading. All this makes it a very unique and incredibly helpful construction vehicle!” – Gabriela

Construction Rig Drawing

Mateusz, 11

“Piling Machine 3.0. Latest generation machine. It drives piles at once. Thanks to that  – you can save time and money.” – Mateusz