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On the 15th and 16th June, we kicked off our first ‘Young Talent for the Future’ Event here in the UK.  We are now excited to show you the photo diary:


The event began with an introduction from our Managing Director Chris Primett and Stig Weis from Per Aarsleff A/S. In their presentations, they spoke about the values of the company and described how the management structure across Aarsleff Group is formed.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s MD Chris Primett

Per Aarsleff A/S Stig Weis


After a few ice breaker sessions, each Aarsleff group then delivered 45-minute group presentations. Delegates delivered ways in which as a Group we can continue to encourage and develop young talent in the business.

Jessica, Syed and Simon from the United Kingdom

Agnieska, Natalia, Piotr, Jan from Poland

Anders, Peter, Rune, Stig from Denmark 

Katja, Nele from Germany

Fredric, Henrik from Sweden


Delegates then spent an evening in Nottingham enjoying a meal and a round of team golf in the evening.

Heading out in Nottingham

Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom – Mixing the teams for a round of golf.

“Get to know each other better” meal out


Young Talent members attended a workshop the following day comprising of team building exercises and learning all about the attributes of a good business leader delivered by Johnny Statham. Johnny speaks about the exercises:

Colour Blind Exercise

This is our favourite exercise to do with groups as it highlights so many different things; communication, teamwork, leadership and many more… The team are blind folded and each given shapes out of a set of 24 (of which 2 have been removed). The task is find out which shapes have been removed and the colour of them… sounds difficult doesn’t it, well the group can ask one question to the facilitator throughout, “what colour is my shape” this question and verbal communication are the only tools the team have to complete the exercise.

‘What should leadership look like?’

One of the most powerful sessions we do, using our 96 attribute cards to explore “what should leadership look like?”. Effectively a contract between team members of the attributes they feel they, and their organisation should demonstrate. The result is your very own leadership pyramid…The process is just as important as the result, as the exercise is designed to get delegates talking about what attributes they value in leadership and put forward a reasoned explanation as to why they feel it should be in the ‘pyramid’. The end result is a ranked pyramid of leadership attributes which can be an interesting insight into the leadership culture of an organisation.

What attributes make a good leader?

Trust exercises

Aarsleff’s Leadership Pyramid


Before parting, all attendees were then given a full tour of the UK head office and sister factory Centrum Pile Ltd. 

Centrum Pile Tour


And finally, it was home time for all our European delegates.

Parting Aarsleff Goody Bags


Delegates leaving Aarsleff Ground Engineerings Head Office



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