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Winter Safety for Construction Workers

Keeping workers safe is one of Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s core values. With the arrival of snow and cold weather, we must consider extreme cold, high winds, and often, a heightened chance of slipping and falling when working on construction sites.

Taking basic precautions and improving education on winter safety dangers can greatly reduce the risk of accidents and illness.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s top tips to improve winter safety at any construction site:

  1. Take time throughout the day, every day, to walk through the jobsite and look for hazards created by snow and ice.
  2.  When removing snow, don’t allow piles to get too high and block the view of workers in the area
  3. Start every day with an inspection of the site to check that all snow and ice has been removed from surfaces where workers will be passing through or working.
  4. Workers should be properly clothed to deal with plummeting temperatures.
  5. Allow extra time for your journey to and from work, and drive carefully.

Most importantly, use common sense when working outdoors during the winter months. Take care of yourself and those around you.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not someone else’s.

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