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Tomorrow's Engineers
What is Engineering?

Engineering uses maths and science – especially physics – to improve the world around us and it all starts with what you learn in school. It can be creative, hands-on practical work whilst solving real-world problems. While science (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) helps us to understand the world, engineering brings this understanding to come to life through problem-solving, designing and building things.

Tell me about The Tomorrow’s Engineers Programme

“The Tomorrow’s Engineers programme, led by the engineering community, provides a platform for employers to grow the talent pipeline as part of a collective drive. Delivering national impact through local coordination, Tomorrow’s Engineers has directly reached over 300,000 young people in the past year. Tomorrow’s Engineers brings a strategic approach to schools engagement, building links with industry and schools. This results in greater coordination so employer outreach extends to where the need and potential impact are greatest.We need more engineers. For that, we need more young people to understand how what they learn at school is used in the real world. Giving young people the chance to talk directly to engineers and engage in hands-on activities that showcase and contextualise engineering is at the heart of the Tomorrow’s Engineers approach.” – source: 

We held a Q&A with our Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer Callum Turner. Here is what he had to say!
Hi Callum. Let’s dive straight in – what inspired you to become an engineer?

A fascination with cars and bikes from a young age is what drew me into studying the subject at A-level and from there I only became even more fascinated and decided it was something I wanted a career in thus inspiring my subject choice at university.

What are your favourite projects to work on?

Just working on maintaining the rigs, in general, has been great for me as I continue to learn so much with each problem that arises and find it so fascinating how all these fantastic machines work!

Do you have any advice for aspiring engineers?

Practical knowledge is just as important if not more important than the theoretical knowledge you learn at school and University, so if you want to be a good engineer, do some independent learning and get stuck in!


What do you hope to achieve within your future?

After completing my placement with Aarsleff Ground Engineering, I hope to return to university and complete my degree with a first class grade.


And finally Callum, how do you think working at Aarsleff Ground Engineering and it’s sister manufacturing company Centrum Pile Ltd, has helped you grow?

Before starting at Aarsleff, hydraulics was something I had never worked on before. Now, it is something I have worked on a lot,  and doing so has helped me grow immensely as an engineer.

Thanks, Callum, and enjoy the rest of your placement with Aarsleff Ground Engineering!
Callum Turner

Callum Turner

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