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The ICE Merit simulation challenge has been designed to encourage team member responsibilities for various managerial functions to foster responsibility and teamworking. The MERIT acronym stands for Management, Enterprise, Risk, Innovation and Teamwork.

For an in-depth look at the history behind the Merit Game, visit:

Led by our Placement Civil Engineer Zohaib Khan, the Aarsleff team comprises our Geotechnical Estimator Chris Purvis, Placement Quantity Surveyor Hayley Finney, Graduate Engineer Sam Riley & two of our Senior Contracts Engineers Simon Cottington and Parth Patel. They are each required to make key decisions covering the various functions that interplay in the management of a construction company which may include marketing, estimating, tendering, finance and personnel management. Covering both strategic and operational aspects of the company’s management, the Merit Game runs on behalf of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Aarsleff’s Zohaib Khan commented:

The Merit Game is a great opportunity for young construction professionals to participate in an internationally recognised competition which not only allows you to upgrade your communication, time management, writing and team working skills but provides the tools to enable detailed interactive analysis of key business areas. The competition has been designed to help us understand about the impacts of managerial and technical decisions at directorial level, address issues in industry such as labour fluctuations in the market, the process for choosing experienced contractors and expansion of the key performance indicators in line with industry trends.

I am delighted and honoured to be representing and leading “Team AGE” in this competition. It is interesting and challenging. I believe that the competition offers a chance to experience problems and situations that senior management team have to tackle and generates realistic scenarios of a construction company’s business markets and conditions which not only allows you to learn as a young engineer but allows us to exercise these decisions in our own functional role. Team AGE is determined and motivated to win this competition and will not leave any stone unturned but will bring laurel to Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

For more information on the ICE Merit Game, visit:

We will update you with more information on the AGE team’s status in the competition as it progresses. Good luck to everyone involved!

ICE Merit Game

ICE Merit Game


Team AGE - from left to right: Zohaib Khan, Sam Riley, Parth Patel, Chris Purvis, Hayley Finney, Simon Cottington.

Team AGE – from left to right: Zohaib Khan, Sam Riley, Parth Patel, Chris Purvis, Hayley Finney, Simon Cottington.