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Stourport, Severn, Sheet Pile Cofferdam, Aarsleff

Sheet piled cofferdam installed in Stourport as part of the Birmingham Resilience Scheme for Supply chain partner J Murphy Group. J Murphy Group awarded Aarsleff Ground Engineering the contract to install a temporary sheet piled cofferdam on the river Severn, as part of the £300 Million ‘Birmingham Resilience’ Scheme. The scheme is one of Severn Trent’s biggest ever infrastructure projects, specifically to develop an alternative water supply for Birmingham to complement the Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA).

The Birmingham Resilience Project will create a new abstraction point and pumping station on the River Severn, at Lickhill Quarry near Stourport, to which water will then be pumped along a new 25km pipeline, through pipes with a 1.0m diameter, to Frankley Water Treatment Works. Aarsleff’s sheet piling works will allow a dry working area for J Murphy to construct the secant piling to the intake structure. Sheet piles are then subsequently removed and the entire structure is submerged and will not be visible. Water is to be taken from the River Severn which will provide a new source for the aqueduct, while maintenance takes place on the original EVA. When the resilience plan is in operation, the city of Birmingham will be drawing water from at least four sources, rather than just one.

Aarsleff is on site now installing a bespoke temporary sheet piled cofferdam which includes 154 No. AZ26-700 steel sheet piles, with an integral enhanced toe support system comprising of 53 No. H-Section piles. These being required due to the very shallow underlying bedrock, which only allows for a limited sheet pile penetration. Access is provided by a temporary access works platform (pictured) allowing safe working over water. The temporary sheet piles will be extracted by Aarsleff after construction concludes in approximately 2 years.

Senior technical estimator Ashley Carter says:

“This is an technically challenging scheme to be involved with requiring a lateral thinking approach to resolving the challenging problems. This prestigious project demonstrates the high level of experience and expertise Aarsleff’s sheet piling department can offer to its clients”

Design drawing for the Birmingham Resilience Sheet Piling works

Design drawing for the Birmingham Resilience Sheet Piling works

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