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Sheet Piling Contractor London Basement
Sheet Piling Contractor London | Basement Work
Leading Sheet Piling contractor, Aarsleff Ground Engineering, has a ‘State of the Art’ Giken Silent Piler ECO 700S for its sheet piling and basement work in London. If noise and vibration levels generated are a potential problem, or where the project is governed by environmental constraints or tight access to the site, sheet pile installation and extraction using silent and vibration-free equipment is a solution we can offer to clients in London.

How does the Silent Piler work?

The Silent Piler ECO 700s is a piling rig for hydraulic pressing-in of sheet piles. The rig consists of the actual machine, a power pack and a reaction stand. The Silent Piler is designed for pressing-in of various kinds of sheet piles of the U and Z type. The sheet piles are pressed-in hydraulically by means of a chuck in the front part of the machine gripping the sheet pile. Subsequently, the chuck is pressed downwards by two hydraulic cylinders. In order to carry out this operation, a counterweight is required. The first sheet piles are pressed-in from the reactions stand and sheet piles which have not yet been pressed-in are normally used as a counterweight. These piles are positioned on the bracket arms made for this purpose in the reaction stand. Typically, a minimum of 30-40 tonnes of the counterweight is required. When the first sheet pile has been pressed in, the machine moves away from the reaction stand and grips the top of the sheet pile with the clamps placed under the machine. When five sheet piles have been pressed in, the reaction stand can be removed, and the pressed in piles serve as a counterweight.

The power pack is self-transporting on the construction site by means of caterpillar tracks and an operator controls the Silent Piler by means of a wireless radio control transmitter.

How do you record the data?

The Silent Piler is equipped with electronic recording of various data during the piling process. It is possible to print graphs of the pressing-in and extraction power, jetting volume and jetting pressure, all as a function of the pressing in-depth. Data is recorded by computer integrated into the machine, and data can subsequently be transferred to a PDF file. In this way, documentation for the progress of the work is supplied to the customer in the form of an accurate journal of the pressing-in of the sheet pile.

Aarsleff is accredited for Exova BM Trada for 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and OHSAS:18001 which assures Aarsleff clients that we produce high-quality products and solutions, consider the environment, and health and safety are a core value of the business.

For more information about Aarsleff’s new rig or to discuss any Sheet Piling projects with the Silent Piler, contact Ashley Carter on 01636 611140 or email

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