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Aarsleff Ground Engineering have teamed up with OutKlass to deliver a series of Health & Wellbeing Workshops over the year. This is free and for the benefit of Aarsleff’s employees. The first workshop takes place today on Thursday 8th December, covering the topic of ‘Alcohol’. This session will teach our staff members about alcohol and what alcohol does to our bodies, in both the short and long term.

Secondly, on 26th January 2017, we will have a workshop on ‘Practical Healthy Eating’, covering how we can create simple healthy food that the whole family can enjoy. On the 23rd March 2017, we will have a session titled ‘The Wellbeing Wheel’, teaching staff members how to identify imbalances in health and wellbeing. On the 18th May 2017 we will have a workshop on ‘Stress Management Techniques’. This will look at ways to deal with stress and the tools and techniques needed to help. Finally, on 20th July 2017, we will have a workshop delivered on ‘Mindfulness’, including what is mindfulness, and what it can bring to our overall wellbeing, particularly important when working as part of a busy office like Aarsleff.

On the 6th December, an OutKlass therapist will visit the office here in Newark to give advice and guidance on staff environment and the layout of each individual’s desktop. The therapist will also offer a free massage at each staff member’s desk….


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