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“Large-scale and innovative building projects are complex tasks requiring overview, expertise and experience. When we work according to the One Company principles, we strive to make the client feel secure and to supply high quality on time and at an attractive price.”

The Aarsleff Group is made up of different divisions and organisations across 12 countries, each with their own specialist expertise and working independently of each other. When a large-scale project requires multiple specialist solutions, the companies and divisions within the Aarsleff group collaborate to draw experience from each other and create value for the customer.

Aarsleff refers to the teamwork and collaboration across divisions as “One Company”, with the aim of exploiting the synergies between its specialist contractors to reach a high quality and cost-effective solution.

Find out more about how Aarsleff’s ‘One Company’ Collaboration works:

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has previously collaborated with its sister companies on projects to provide its customers with high quality ground engineering solutions.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Contracted by Istak, one of Iceland’s leading civil engineering and construction contracting firms, Aarsleff Ground Engineering installed raked and vertical precast concrete piles in Reykjavik for a new residential development. The ‘One Company’ approach on the project saw Aarsleff Ground Engineering installing the piles, with a Junttan rig shipped from the UK, and precast piles supplied by it’s sister company Centrum Pile in Sweden. The project saw 267No. piles installed during the 9 days on site, completing the job ahead of schedule and within budget.

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National Stadium Warsaw

Between November 2008 and March 2009, Aarsleff deployed it’s ‘One Company’ approach for the installation of 8,918no. precast concrete piles for the new National Stadium in Warsaw. This project saw Aarsleff’s ground engineering divisions from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland and the UK to collaborate, with 9 of the largest piling rigs within the group used to install the piles.

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Karlatornet Tower, Gothenburg

Constructing the largest structure within the Nordic region required a solid foundation. Aarsleff in Demark and Aarsleff in Sweden collaborated to provide some of the largest and deepest piles in Sweden. The ‘One Company’ approach on the project allowed close engagement with the client to create a high quality and bespoke ground engineering solution, with the construction of 57no. 2000mm bored piles, the deepest being installed to a depth of 75 metres.

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