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Nottingham Trent University

Each year Aarsleff Ground Engineering take great pride in sponsoring Nottingham Trent University Civil Engineering awards. Aarsleff are delighted to congratulate Jake Atkinson for the Aarsleff prize for Outstanding BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering Final Year Project.

We spoke to Jake about what excites him and how he feels about the future of engineering:

“What continues to excite me about engineering is its massive potential, it’s a dependable bridge between imagination and reality; a tangible representation of human progress. In particular, the civil engineering industry is a collective of silent heroes. We take for granted the impact that civil engineering has on our lives from the moment we wake up in the morning and turn on the shower, to the end of the day when we hit the lights to sleep. Like a lot of young people leaving university, I’m terrified about the future of our planet and the impact of the climate crisis. But engineering gives me hope, it continues to be a vehicle for change and it offers the most impactful solution to a human problem. Civil engineering is essential in our transition to net-zero, meeting the UN SDGs and creating a healthy planet. I’ve been lucky to meet some incredibly passionate and intelligent engineers, I’m seeing some really exciting innovations coming out of the sector and I can’t wait to see what the future looks like – hopefully sustainable!”

Nottingham Trent University

Jake Atkinson – Nottingham Trent University

Thanks Jake, we couldn’t agree more, and it is so positive to see this level of potential from the engineers of tomorrow!

Good luck for the future, from all of us here at Aarsleff Ground Engineering!