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The 11th National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2018) has brought together employers and apprentices from across England to showcase the success of apprenticeships whilst encouraging even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career.

Following on from National Apprenticeship Week (5-9th March), we spoke with our very own Apprentice Dayle Lucas to see how he was progressing.

Hi Dayle
How are you finding your Apprenticeship?

I am finding it very helpful! It is extremely hard to find an IT apprenticeship around the Newark area, and I have been lucky to get one with Aarsleff. I enjoy my job in IT, and I am always learning something new from Simon Pick  (Aarsleff’s network and IT supervisor).

What skills have you learnt?

I have learnt how to set up systems for company use and attach them to a domain, take backups on the server, set up mobile phones for company use, troubleshooting laptops/desktops and take them apart, set up a VPN, how a network works and how to use a virtual machine.

How about in relation to your personal development?

My confidence has grown a lot while working here. I am confident enough to try and solve any issues on my own.

Do you feel a part of the team?

Yes, and I am treated like every other member of staff.

Would you recommend the scheme to others?

In fact, I have already recommended an apprenticeship to a friend! He now also works at Aarsleff. An apprenticeship is a good way for anyone to gain good work experience in a workplace that they are interested in. It can also lead to full-time employment once the apprenticeship has finished.

What challenges have you faced here? Has Aarsleff helped you overcome these challenges?

When I joined Aarsleff I had confidence issues, but after working here for a few months, working with the same people for a length of time, I no longer have that problem. Working here has also helped me improve my time keeping and my planning, as I have multiple exams to take and revise for.

Are you regularly mentored? Do you find this time valuable to your learning?

I am mentored every 2 weeks by SR Education. In these sessions, we cover what I will be revising for in the exam and what I can do to improve at work. This could be anything from learning binary to how to look after and maintain a server. I am always learning something new to put into practice from these sessions.  When I am not being mentored by SR Education, Simon is always helping me with any issues and explaining how we deal with them. Simon has been a great help in my understanding of how our network and systems work, showing me how to use our software and how to solve any known issues.

What does the future look like for you? Where would you like to progress to?

I am positive about my future at Aarsleff and I am looking forward to finishing my apprenticeship and continuing working in IT as I enjoy my job. Once my apprenticeship has ended, I will be working at Aarsleff full time and will continue my role as an IT & Network Assistant. As new systems come into place, I can progress my skills in using the hardware/software, which could potentially lead to other roles in the future.

Thanks Dayle

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