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Swansea Swimming - WC18
Mixed pile solution for foundation works at Swansea swimming pool

In March 2001, Aarsleff Ground Engineering completed the mixed pile solution by installing  560 No. precast concrete and steel tube piles for the Wales National Pool in Swansea. Aarsleff had planned to drive concrete piles of up to 18m in length, but the stiff made ground prompted a reassessment of the piling operation.

Aarlseff’s Banut 500 piling rig, with a 5t Uddcomb drop hammer, ran into difficulties with occasional piles refusing and breaking. It was expected that some of the precast concrete piles might be difficult to drive through the stiff made ground with obstructions, prompting a reassessment of the piling operation.

Contractor Shepherd Construction worked closely with Aarsleff’s team stating: “Aarsleff were very co-operative and suggested replacing the concrete piles with steel tubes in those locations where the concrete piles failed. We thought it was a good idea, which solved the problem”.


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