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Ground Engineering industry insights from Aarsleff's Managing Director Kevin Hague

Aarsleff’s managing director Kevin Hague discusses the latest ground engineering industry insights in the geoscience-focussed podcast from Rockstaff.

Rockstaff is a freemium RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) solution that has built a leading platform for employers and job seekers to find careers in geoscience-related disciplines.

Along with the recruitment platform, they also provide a free podcast where the founder of Rockstaff, Alex Haper, interviews senior leaders from geoscience-focussed businesses to talk about their careers and share insights into things they have picked up along the way.

In his conversation on the podcast, Kevin discusses his career and business leadership. Fresh from his trip to DICEP conference in Ohio and visiting the ghost town of Centralia, Kevin also talks about the differences between the UK and US market, along with the upcoming opportunities at Aarsleff Ground Engineering, including virtual reality.

Catch the full interview across a variety of platforms below, and learn more about Rockstaff on their website: