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Aarsleff's Timesheets Go Digital

Aarsleff Ground Engineering have boosted their green credentials with the launch of their new timesheet web app for its site operatives, replacing the need to print and post timesheets.

The website-based app will allow operatives to record their hours from anywhere with an internet connection and at the press of a button. The app allows site operatives to record their weekly hours from their mobile phones, replacing the previous method of printing and posting timesheets back and forth between project sites and Aarsleff’s head office in Newark.

How does the app work?
Aarsleff Operatives Timesheet Website screenshot

Screenshot of Aarsleff’s new Timesheet website

Aarsleff’s site supervisor/foreman on a project will login to the web-app and be navigated to a timesheet form to fill in. The app was designed and built by Centrum Pile’s (Aarsleff’s manufacturing sister company) very own process engineer Ben Bridges, who worked with a small team to refine and develop the app to provide easy interaction for the user.

“We have designed the app to be user-friendly, utilising several drop-down lists where possible. Now the project name, job number, and even our operative’s names can be selected easily from within a dropdown menu. This significantly reduces the risk of human error and makes it altogether faster and more efficient for the foreman to fill out.”

Ben continued to talk about how the app works, along with explaining what happens once the site operative has completed their timesheet:

“Once the form has been submitted, the heads of departments will be notified that there is a new timesheet to authorise, and once authorised the timesheet will be passed on to payroll to pay our operatives.”

Throughout the development and testing stages, members from Aarsleff’s finance and payroll team worked with Ben to add features that would help both the site operatives and the payroll team.

“We have been able to automate some of the tasks that historically the payroll team had to carry out manually, enabling a more efficient workflow, and time to focus on the things that really create value for our business”

Ben also briefly talked about the structure of the website and what platform the site works off:

“I have prior knowledge of programming and website building, and after some research we decided to build the timesheet app as a Progressive Web App. This allows for the website to run like an app on smartphones, removing the web address bar and even giving the option to add a homescreen quick access button.”

On the launch of the timesheet app, Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Operations Director, Jody Parkin, commented saying,

“It is great to finally bring Aarsleff up-to-date with the timesheet web app, which is a step in the right direction. Aside for the obvious productivity gains, saving time for both our site operatives and payroll team, the application is also a more sustainable process, saving on postage costs and printing resources.”