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Ground Beams

Piling and Foundations Throwback

In 2015, Aarsleff were awarded the piling and ground beams foundation contract from main contractor Winworth Construction Ltd to provide the precast foundations for 104No. 2/3 bedroom homes in Latchford, Warrington.

Specifically, Aarsleff designed and installed 665 No. 200mm square precast concrete pile capable of carrying loads up to 350kn followed by 2414m of precast ground beams of 450mm X 450mm square profile, which were formed of reinforced precast concrete with interlocking ends to produce the finished foundation.

Integrating seamlessly with Aarsleff’s piling solutions; the Centrum Ground Beam System allows a one-stop-shop approach for your foundation requirements, suitable for Residential Developments, as well as Retail, Commercial and Industrial units. Contact Rebecca Johnson directly on 07387 092013 for more information

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